Most orders received before 2:00 PM PST, Monday – Friday, will be shipped the same day, provided that the ordered products are in stock. Orders placed after 2:00 PM PST or on Friday’s and Saturday’s will ship the next business day. Most packages will be shipped through USPS, First Class, Flat Rate Priority or USPS Priority. Priority shipping methods are an expedited service provided through USPS and they do not expedite the processing of your order. Orders placed with SaveOnVapes will be handled in the order they are received. Please consider any shipping or transit time offered to you by SaveOnVapes or carries used by SaveOnVapes as a mere estimate. We encourage our customers to order in a timely fashion to avoid delays caused by shipping or product availability. Please remember that is owned by hard working people, like you, and we too like to enjoy our holidays. Therefore Holidays will always cause a delay in shipping but we will always do our best to get your order out to you as soon as humanly possible.

Tracking Information:

USPS tracking information may take up to 24 hours before any status is shown, due to the fact that USPS tracking numbers aren’t really tracking numbers but more of a delivery confirmation number. USPS may scan the package showing movement from location to location but it is best advised to not rely on USPS’s posted status for tracking information.

Delivery Delays:

Once SaveOnVapes has handed a package over to USPS we can no longer accept responsibility for the whereabouts of your order. Although USPS guarantees shipment delivery times for priority shipping methods, a complaint in this regard would need to be filed with USPS directly. In the event of a delay or if you feel your package may have been lost we encourage you to contact USPS directly and provide them with the tracking number to your package. By doing so, you will be able to get answers as to the whereabouts of your package faster than if you were to seek them directly from us.

Delivery Times:

This can vary due to the preferred method of shipping. Some methods will get orders to you faster than others but in general most packages will be delivered within 1 – 3 business days. Keep in mind that shipping methods do not affect our processing times.

Lost Packages:

In the event you feel confident that your package has been lost, you can file a claim directly through USPS. SaveOnVapes will do everything possible to comply with USPS’s investigation as to the whereabouts of your package. However, if you wish to have SaveOnVapes send out another package, you can contact us and explain the situation. If we determine that the package was lost due to an incorrectly provided address, you will need to make another purchase and file a claim through USPS.

International Shipping:

We are currently offering shipping destinations to Canada, South America, and Europe. As long as the shipping information provided to us is correct and accepted by USPS we will offer shipping to the continents listed above. Unfortunately, we are not offering free shipping on orders over $100 or more for international customers. Until further notice, we are offering standard USPS rates and shipping methods to all international customers. These methods will include USPS First Class International, Priority Flat Rate and Priority Small Flat Rate. will not be responsible for any packages lost in International commerce.

  • We cannot offer returns or exchanges for defective or broken items due to extraordinarily high costs associated with USPS. We always strive to provide great customer service, however, the fees to send replacement, defective, or broken items are extremely high and cannot be provided. SaveOnVapes always properly packages all orders before they are sent out in order to make sure packages are free from any fulfillment errors. We also inspect and test each item in order to insure they are in working condition. By agreeing to this, you will incur any shipping charges and expenses.
  • The international refund policy will be the same as our U.S. refund policy with the exception that the customer will cover shipping expenses (both ways).
  • We do not forge customs documents. Please do not ask us to change the value of the purchase order. All international taxes, fees and importing costs will be the customer’s responsibility.
  • As a courtesy, SaveOnVapes will insure your package for free of up to $500USD value.

Shipping Rates to Canada:

  • 0 to $74.99 Flat Rate of $25USD
  • $75 to $149.99 Flat Rate of $50USD
  • $150+ Flat Rate of $60USD

Shipping Rates to All Other International Destinations:

  • 0 to $99.99 Flat Rate of $40USD
  • $100 to $199.99 Flat Rate of $75USD
  • $200+ Flat Rate of $100USD

International Shipping Processing Times:

All International orders will be sent out after payment has been transacted and cleared by our bank. Unfortunately we are forced to do this due to the high amount of international fraud that has found its way to our website. Instead of forgoing our relationship with international customers like some other websites we have decided to not take the easy way out and not accept these orders, instead we will just wait until the payment has cleared with our bank before we can process and ship the order.

Expedited International Shipping and Processing:

For those international customers who do not wish to wait the 2 – 5 business days it may take for our bank to clear their payment we have decided to offer an expedited process. This process involves using eBay as the primary merchant. If you would like your package processed, invoiced, and shipped out the same day then we can arrange a specific eBay product lot with your order. This would involve you either placing the order online and noting that you would like expedited service or just emailing us at Info@SaveOnVapes.comwith the products you would like to order. We would then setup a special lot with your specific products which would include pictures, product IDs and every other detail our site offers at a 10% premium (this is to cover the ridiculous fees that eBay charges). At this point you would be able to pay immediately with PayPal (payment clears right away) and eBay would charge the appropriate amount for international shipping and they would take the responsibility for the products as soon as they leave their US based Global Shipping Center in Kansas City, Kansas. We have used this method in the past and it is the quickest, safest, and cheapest way to get products to International customers. Please email us for clarification or specifics at anytime.

USPS no longer has tracking information once the package leaves the United States. This means, the tracking information will cease once it reaches its air hub and will no longer track your information. In the event you do not receive your package, you can use the tracking information provided and contact your postal or customer service center to file a claim.

We strongly urge all international customers to carefully look at your order before making the final completion of your purchase. By placing an order, you automatically agree to all of the above. Any questions regarding international orders should be directed to